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A Quick & Gentle Way to Wash Your Pet

How does 5-Minute Pet Bath Work?

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5-Minute Pet Bath Features!

Sets Up in 30 Seconds

The 5-Minute Pet Bath can be set up and ready to wash in just 30 seconds, with no tools required!

Gentle by Design

5-Minute Pet Bath is designed to be super gentle and easy to use. This will keep your pet at ease and make bath time a breeze!

Soap Suds in Seconds

Creating a foaming wash is a breeze with the 5-Minute Pet Bath. Just add shampoo to the top!

Powerful Flow on Demand

Need a powerful burst for thick fur or those extra dirty spots? The 5 Minute Pet Bath can create a super spray! Simply cover the end, allow it to fill, then release for extra cleaning power!

Portable for Travel

The 5 Minute Pet Bath easily stores inside itself. Great for travel and is apartment friendly! 

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Happy Owners, Happy Pets!

Our Story

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is Unstoppable! When It’s time for a stroll, she has no limits on how far she’ll go or how many squirrels she’ll chase! Forget going around the swamp – She’ll go RIGHT THROUGH IT!

Meet Eddie!

Eddie is a Force of Nature! With a Personality that Soars Higher than the Skies, and an Unparalleled Nose for Tracking Down the Tiniest Mud Puddles, He Loves to Play Hard and Get Messy – Really Messy!


How does it work?

The 5-Minute Pet Bath quickly attaches to your shower head and is ready to use in seconds. It works by using gravity to funnel water coming out of your shower and creates quiet gentle flow from the nozzle for a less stressful bathing experience.

Why is it better for my pet?

The 5-Minute Pet Bath creates a less stressful experience for your pet by reducing noise and splashing through our patented design. You can add soap to the funnel to create a foaming wash so you can soap and rinse your pet in one easy step.

Will it work on my showerhead?

This shower attachment to wash your dog works on most showerheads up to 7 inches in diameter. It is not recommended for wands and will not work for sinks or tub spouts. Most wall and ceiling mounted shower heads under 7" in diameter work great.

Does it work with thick fur?

For thick fur you can use "super spray" by plugging the nozzle, waiting for the funnel to fill, and releasing.  This provides a surge of water flow to rinse thick coats and blast through dirt and mud.

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